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Our Services!

At Events by Nandani, we believe every story is beautiful but yours should be unique. Unique stories require unique plannings. From the very beginning, we will create a tailor-made proposal to fit the needs and scope of your event. Once booked, Nandani Patel will collaborate with you to build the foundation of your event, creating an inspiration board and floor plan based on your unique vision. From unique lighting to seating charts, with us customization is guaranteed. We care about the experience of planning your event from start to finish. So relax and have fun. Nandani Patel will guide you every step of the way, ensuring your big day is effortless and unforgettable.

Initial Consultation - Complementary

We start our planning process with consulting you to hear and understand your vision. The complementary initial consultation is just for us to get to know each other and answer any questions you may have. It is vital for us to clearly communicate with you to cover every detail and reach perfection. Nandani can help guide you, if needed, to identify your taste, style, budget, and vision, so that we can make the most of our time together and give you a great starting point for your planning. This consultation can last up to one hour.

Day of Coordination - your plan, our execution

  • Vendor and Venue Recommendations
  • Venue Site Visit (Walkthrough)
  • Creation of a detailed schedule and itinerary for the event day
  • Confirming final details with all vendors prior to the event
  • Coordination of vendor set up and arrival times
  • On-site management and supervision of vendors and event party
  • Coordination and execution of the event per timelines
  • Coordination of the grand entrance, speeches, and other special events
  • Management of any unexpected issues or emergencies that may arise
  • Supervision of vendor breakdown and cleanup
  • The main point of contact for all Vendor, the host and guests throughout the day.
  • 24 x 7 phone/email assistance
  • Up to 10 hours of event coordination on a event day

Partial Planning – our recommendation, your choice

  • Vendor referrals and Venue recommendations
  • Assistance with venue selection, Site Visit (Walkthrough)
  • Management of mostly all vendor contracts and negotiations
  • Information on different event traditions and customs
  • Attendance at vendor meetings and appointments
  • Coordination of design elements and event décor
  • Interactive tools such as a seating chart creator
  • Creation of a detailed schedule and timeline for all the events
  • Day of Coordination for each event day as per package above

Full Planning – We take care of everything. Yes Everything

  • Comprehensive meeting to get an understanding of your vision, style and design preferences
  • Budget planning, management, and tracking
  • Guidance on event etiquette, traditions, and current industry trends
  • Management of all vendor appointment, contracts and negotiations
  • Unlimited Vendor/Client Meetings
  • Assistance with design and décor, including creation of a vision board and event style
  • Interactive tools such as an event website builder, RSVP managment
  • All Partial Planning services included as per package above
  • Day of Coordination for each event day as per package above

Client Gallery!

Love Notes From Our Clients!


Nandani worked as our event planner for our wedding, but I always felt like a close family member is planning our wedding. She really knows how to plan an event. We have been planning our wedding with Nandani since one year and from the starting till end, she has been extremely supportive, flexible and moreShe was ALWAYS available whenever we needed her, whenever we called her, even after normal working hours she was available when we needed to talk with her. She has good connections with all right people/vendors such as DJ, Decorators, Photographers etc that you would need to successfully execute an event. Even though I was flexible with our budget for wedding, she always tried to save wherever we can and we should. She always made sure that we get best deal and never overspend on anything. She knows all little traditional rituals that we have in an Indian wedding and she planned them extremely well with completing them in time and with making sure that we enjoy each of them. After our wedding I can say, planning a wedding event is extremely difficult because there are so many things to consider and they all need proper coordination and attention in order to make wedding successful but Nandani made it really easy. She has her own ideas with that everything was so seamless. I cannot appreciate and express in words how much efforts she gave for our wedding, from starting till end she was working to make our wedding memorable and beautiful, she didn't even care for herself on wedding day, we literally had to force her to take rest. In summary I would say, she is amazing human being, I can't think of a single negative thing about her and her work. I would 1000% recommend her and for all our future events I am going to work with Nandani, no doubt in that. She is family now. Thank you Nandani, lots of love and appreciation from Tirth & Mauli


Nandani was our day of coordinator and was absolutely wonderful! I could not have imagined planning our wedding celebration without her. We had multiple issues with our venue and Nandani was there to give us reassurance and provide multiple pointers as we tried to resolve those issues.She not more went out of her way to talk to the venue coordinator, but she also gave us suggestions to make sure we weren't mentally and financially strained as we were finalizing the event details literally the week of the wedding. Nandani will make things happen. She knew the vision we wanted for our wedding events and made sure our vendors were on the same page. We were happy with how everything turned out and can't thank Nandani enough for running everything perfectly that night. She was super responsive--anytime I wanted to chat and our check-ins were great to ensure we were on track and keep me excited throughout a long and weary planning period. Nandani helped me find Anisha Coulture to customize my reception dress, which I still to this day receive multiple compliments. She also helped us get a great deal for our 360 Booth. She is very tuned with local businesses and provides great tips if you need help finding a vendor last minute. She's truly a professional and we highly recommend her to anyone looking for a day of coordinator or planner. Very upfront from the start, she does not hide anything. Nandani provided timelines with hour by hour plays and always had a backup in mind. Our guests were very pleased how our wedding events turned out. We are very lucky we found her and highly recommend her if you need a planner to get stuff done!


We had a wedding of our dreams - and it was made possible only due to the herculean effort of Nandani. We remember meeting Nandani at our home for the first time and noticing her forthright personality right away - it did not take time for us to fully trust her and commend her client-first moreThe first thing Nandani does is to make you forget that she’s your event planner - she becomes family, connects with your parents and friends along the way, fights with you when you spend more, and sends you late night and early morning texts with super cool ideas that cross her mind and worries more on little things even if you’re okay to compromise. Quickly, she becomes family and remains that way well past the wedding. It’s been close to a month, and we actually talk and text regularly - that’s how close she is (and this is true with most of her clients) 🙂 Nandani helped us plan a very intimate yet elegant Pellikuturu/Pellikoduku ceremony and the perfectionist in her added many fun elements to an otherwise formal event. She bought an additional backdrop from her home, arrived early in the morning, and just owned the place through and through — her efforts helped set the mood for Mehndi later in the evening. Mehndi was in our lovely backyard - she bought a team with her and supercharged the space with decor elements while ensuring that we stuck to the grand theme we envisioned. Nandani went the extra mile and sported her anchor hat! She lightened the mood, hosted games, helped fire up the dance floor, and was an incredible asset in making the night magical! Nandani left at 11PM, only to return to the Wedding venue at 6AM the following day - that’s who she is, she is the master of her craft, and she’s the strength you need on your big day 🙂 Our wedding was absolutely perfect - we envisioned a lake wedding that reflects love and togetherness, and Nandani ensured that the vision turned into an even more surreal reality. She worked with many vendors with absolute professionalism, was always on our side first, and never missed a beat in terms of timelines. Nandani was not our event planner but our best friend. She ensured that everything was on track with regular updates, complemented what we did well, and guided us where our decisions could have led to shortcomings. She even remembered the most minuscule of our asks and delivered everything she promised. As with any wedding, we had hiccups. These were forgettable since we had Nandani handling every hiccup like a true superhero! A vendor bailed on us last minute - Nandani deployed a best-in-class vendor on the same day using her connections and even had a backup to the backup vendor she arranged! We worked with a highly established decor company, and sadly they made an error in measurements. Nandani and I got on a call with them three hours before the wedding, and she ensured we did not compromise on anything when we figured out workarounds. There were a plethora of other things she had to handle. Still, she did such an excellent job in mitigating these hurdles that we did not even know about a majority of these issues at the time of happening - that speaks volumes about who Nandani is. She values not just giving her clients a magical day but ensures that she protects you at all costs from the stress and surprises that would otherwise impact the joys of having a dream wedding. She did this while taking particular notice of our parents and elders - often nudging them to eat and cracking jokes when they were getting emotional. She was hyping up the bride/groom squads if they needed some push while navigating the emotions, ensuring all the vendors were happy and smiling at all times, and SO much more. We have a new definition for multitasking, all thanks to our superhero! Nandani - we are not just lucky to partner with you for the wedding.. we are more fortunate to remain so close to you. Cheers to a beautiful friendship and to the best event planner ever. We love you as much as you love Tamarind Rice, haha 🙂


Little did we know that the responsibility of a wedding planner is a really big one. Nandani went above and beyond our expectations to make sure that our day was perfect. After having a few productive conversations about planning before our big weekend, we felt absolutely comfortable entrusting her the responsibilities on the day of our moreNandani has an eye for creativity, and is familiar with plenty of trade secrets. She very promptly fixed some last minute unavoidable mishaps which alleviated so much stress during the entire weekend. She made sure we were well fed and were having a good time. It was obvious to all our guests that she has a genuine passion for her work. She treated our family like her own, and was able to anticipate our needs well in advance. My brother in law described her in his speech as the most charming and fearless drill sergeant who WILL get things done. We highly recommend Nandani for any of your event planning needs.


Where do I even begin with Nandani? I happened to meet her at the Avalon on a random site visit. How ironic that I met our future planner at our future wedding venue? From the very beginning, Nandani was very clear about putting our wants and needs first. She was very transparent about her pricing and services,and worked more to find us vendors and services within our budget. Throughout the entire planning process, Nandani was there every step of the way. Whether I called or texted her first thing in the morning or at night, I always got a prompt response. Nandani went above and beyond to take things off my plate for me to have less to worry about. I was very Type A during planning, but she always delivered on her promises and took care of everything. The week of the wedding, however, is when she really shone. She became a part of the family. Not only did all of our friends and family adore her, but she found a way to delegate tasks to people, so that we were not worried about anything the weekend of. I honestly don’t even know what or if anything did not go according to the plan the weekend of our wedding, because it was all taken care of by Nandani and her team. She was there early and was the last person to leave every single night. Even weeks after the wedding, I am still texting her asking questions of where certain things may be, and she still responds so promptly. I truly believe we have found a lifelong friend and planner in Nandani, and I highly recommend her for any planning services, but particularly for the most important weekend of your life. She is honest, hard working, and truly puts your needs before all else. She will go to the greatest lengths to make your dreams come true, and will be your biggest cheerleader the weekend of the wedding. Having Nandani be our planner was the easiest decision we made, and it made the rest of our planning process so much easier for. I cannot say enough good things about her, and highly recommend her for all of your planning services. She is truly the best!


Would be an understatement to say that we were blessed to have Nandani as our day of coordinator for our wedding festivities! Went above and beyond in guiding us to the appropriate vendors, going as far as even negotiating with the vendors to ensure we got a good deal. Very easy to approach with such a friendly demeanor,was always more to answer any of our queries, any time of the day, in the months leading up to our big day. We had a particularly challenging programme to pull off, with back to back events (am wedding, pm reception) 4 hours apart on the same day -- Nandini's attention to detail, organization skills, and vast experience were certainly clutch in executing our events seamlessly and making our vision a reality. Furthermore, she has a good heart, top notch communication and people skills, and at the same time, has no qualms taking charge of situation when necessary and being the 'bad cop' to keep proceedings running in a timely fashion. Would undoubtedly recommend her services for any events, however big or small!


First of all, let me just say a special thank you to this gem of a woman. I don’t think anything could have have been executed as beautifully as it did without the help of this tiny yet extremely powerful woman. I had booked Nandani back in January and my wedding was in June. From the minute we spoke, moreshe made me feel so comfortable and it’s very hard for me to trust anyone but with her it was effortless. Every contract I signed, every vendor I spoke with, every idea I had, Nandani made sure to address all my needs. She made every family member that was helping feel just as important as well and made every persons requests into reality. We would speak anytime I had a question even if it was in the wee hours of the night. I remember one specific time where I was having a meltdown and she called me that minute and literally calmed me down and made me take a bubble bath to calm my nerves. We had some drama with some of the vendors at one point, but she prepped us before we met with them to discuss and we were able to fix everything. It’s the little things that you don’t think will go wrong that do, and this is when Nandani comes into play. This woman has become a family member to me. Like a sister and friend and mother all in one. She contacted every vendor that she knew that I booked, before I even met them to ensure I was getting the best deal and no one tried to cheat their way with me because they knew they had Nandani to report to after! She helped me choose small things like my party favors and family gifts and even my makeup looks! I could count on her for anything guys. During the sangeet she made sure I ate and reminded me to take my medicine on time. She took me to the bathroom herself. She had water for me and fruits for me when I was taking pix in the heat. During the reception she made sure I was comfortable and ate…writing this is making me teary because I was her responsibility and she made sure that I was okay for every event. I love her with all my being and I 100% recommended her!! She is amazing and you will not be disappointed! She called me the day after the wedding to make sure I was okay, which touched me even more. Love her and trust me, you will too!


We met Nandani when we went to visit the Metropolitan Club the first time. At that point we knew what we wanted but it was at a very high level. Really happy to have engaged Munmun as our planner. She took charge right away and created a road map and timeline for our 2 day event.We both more professionals and really strapped for time, her organization/communication skills and the planning process made it efficient and enjoyable. We feel she ended up doing more and took care of every minute to major details so that we didn't have to worry about anything and everyone involved including the guests were very happy of her exemplary service. Thanks much from Tania & Prabir !!


Nandani was AMAZING! She is very sweet and felt like a friend throughout the wedding planning process. Her knowledgable about Indian weddings is also exceptional! She flawlessly coordinated all our events, I had ZERO stress once our wedding events began! And our events ran on time! 🙂 I more recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding planner and day of coordinator!

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About Events By Nandani!

Your vision - Our innovation.

Founded in 2019, Events by Nandani was created to plan memories to cherish for lifetime and not just events. We strive to turn your ideas into memorable moments. Our goal is to provide unparalleled event services and outstanding customer service.

Why Events by Nandani? Because with us, there are infinite possibilities. Big or small, we are committed to creating one-of-a-kind events that your guests will remember for years to come. Customization is guaranteed, from your floor plan to your food menu and signature decorations. It starts with us. Let us help you create an unforgettable occasion where we use precise coordination to deliver extraordinary results. We work with the best vendors in the Atlanta/Florida area to provide planning and services at the venue of your dreams. With our services, we’ll handle the stress from set up to clean up so that your event is successful and leaves you and your guests with a lasting impression. We’re proud to say that our communication, coordination, and commitment drives our excellence in turning your vision into reality. Come explore our services, where you can learn how we turn your beautiful story into an unique experience.

Meet our awesome team!

Nandani Patel - Your Dream Planner

It’s all in the details. Hi, I’m Nandani and I’m here to make sure that your event is fabulously planned and remembered always. Being creative comes like second nature to me; be it painting, dancing, modeling or fitness training, I enjoy giving an artistic touch to every aspect of my life. My inquisitive personality and zest for exploring new creative ideas provided me with enriching experience which I always bring to all that I do.

As an event planner located in Atlanta, I’m here to serve as your South Asian Event Concierge. I design, plan and service packages within different budget types including lighting, camera experts, caterers, design props, and more. My team and I push for excellence and are committed to providing you and your guests a memorable experience. For me, your vision matters and my team and I will work tirelessly to turn those visions into reality. No event is too big or small for me. I treat every event I plan as my own and I believe the key is in the details. In order to understand your needs, I make sure to itemize everything for you and provide you with a contract so we start on the same page and deliver quality.

Anusree Saha

I am recent graduate from the Georgia Institute of Technology. I am currently working under an orthopedic spine specialist at Emory Hospital, while pursuing a higher education for a future career in medicine. My hobbies include dance, photography, sketching, traveling, trying new activities and food from around the world! I am an organized planner, people person, and love learning ways to interact/communicate with others and helping them.

Events by Nandani has given me that opportunity to showcase my skills while also enjoying a plethora of fun events, cultures, and ceremonies. Such insightful experience allows me to grow as a person, and I look forward to many more occasions with this team!.

Joyshree Saha

I am passionate about leadership, my current job, and helping people. I majored in computer science and got my Bachelor of Science from The University of Georgia. I am currently working as a full time software engineer and project lead for Digitate where I practice problem solving, multitasking, paying attention to detail, communicating, and leading a team.

Aside from that, I am a part time event planning assistant for Events by Nandani where I am able to use my skills to help people during special events in their lives. I am able to perform calmly in high-stress situations and am knowledgeable of a wide variety of cultural and religious customs as they are expressed in wedding ceremonies and celebrations. As someone who loves to give back to their community, I am also a part of a non profit organization.

Ria Nair

I am currently a freshman in college at Georgia State University. I am presently a psychology major and aspire to go into the medical field. Some of my hobbies include dancing, traveling, working out, volunteering, and playing sports. Aside from my hobbies, I love to try new things and learn more about different cultures! I am also very much a social butterfly. I enjoy getting to know others and learning about their unique perspectives and experiences. I am a very detail-oriented and passionate person. I am all about gaining new experiences and making a positive impact.

Events by Nandani has helped me achieve this by providing me with a venue to hone my skills while learning more about different people and their traditions. Not only am I able to witness the beauty of bringing two people together, but I am also able to build my communications skills and collaborate with like-minded members. I hope to continue working with this team and am eager to achieve new experiences.

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We would love to hear from you! Our team of experts will ensure that your dream becomes a reality. To get started planning your wedding or event or for more information or to inquire about receiving a quote, please reach us using any of the below commucation channel.